Sunday, 13 May 2007

initial topic plan

The following is a basic outline of initials ideas about the direction of the project. They range from requirements, to technical and bussiness aspects that wont come up for a while.

High Level ideas:

  • The tracking of a given news event over time.
  • Identifying the topic.
  • Looking at the event over different TV stations.
  • Providing an interface for clients to be able to retrieve this information.

Some basic issues that will come up

  • Which stories to track
  • How to get the events (automated or use human interaction)
  • Distinguishing between new events and old events (i.e. same topic but different event, best example would be Iraq is it a new story on it or a continued story)
  • Where will clients view this data and how will they access it.
  • Where in the production cycle will this fit.

Other issues:

  • Technologies to be used i.e. Language, tools to be used [Java, J2EE]
  • Verson control (sub version)
  • Database to use. [PostgreSql, MSQL]
  • Mix of technical and theoretical components [How much of the thess should be about the theory that is being used, and how much should be about building the working system itself to be used by

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