Monday, 14 May 2007

topic meeting with dan

Today I went into Vision Bytes and meet with Dan to get a better understanding of the topic in question and how the best aid the company. The meeting was a good as I cleared up some key areas including how best to apply the project to the company. I'll details the areas of discussion below:
  • The topics main aim is to track a news story over time, and to provide this information to the clients as part of the current site.
  • Currently the stories are viewed by program e.g. Sunrise and all the stories. Instead this system will be viewed by story and will then show you all the stories that are related AND / OR updates on the same story.
  • There will need to be a distinction made between a repeat story (e.g. the story is broadcast on Sunrise and then the same story, or maybe almost the same, is then broadcast again on the morning news.) and a story with new information. Both would need to be displayed and tagged appropriately.
  • There are 5 real pieces of data that I will have access to and will have to use to perform all of the tasks:
    • The title
    • The quick description
    • The full text (maybe)
    • The date and time
    • The duration
  • Currently the system is built in C# however they are bringing into live use a new J2EE and Hibernate based system in June, thus it would be best to work using this system, as it is their long term platform. Also I will have access to the existing database and so wont need to replicate this. However i made need to add certain new data structures in order to complete the task.
  • The system will involve some human interaction at some point in order to verify any tasks that it has done, e.g. Are two stories related, here we could use a learning algorithm to improve performance. However the main goal would be to minimise this.
  • There should be both similar stories (broad topics such as Iraq) and more same event and how it develops (e.g. A particular kidnapping)
Also got Dan to sign the form saying he will be the co - supervisor, will need to talk to Rafael and confirm what exactly needs to change.

Dan was also said that he would organise meetings with their architect and their engineers to explain how their systems work. Will need to do this soon.

So as the plan goes we now start doing some research into the topic (mainly scientific journals)

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